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"It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies."  Thomas Paine

TEXDRA Addresses Membership and Digital Recording

Texas Certified Shorthand Reporters are the Gold Standard.  We are the very best there is at what we do.  We do it better and faster and more accurately, and we treat each litigant, attorney, and proceeding equitably, honestly, and with integrity.  We protect the record.  We are an integral part of the judicial system.

TEXDRA advocates for and promotes the profession of court reporting and the business interests of freelance court reporters and court reporting firms, as well as the recruitment and training of future verbatim CSRs.  Texas rules and statutes designate the Texas CSR, certified by the Supreme Court of Texas, as the sole professional who may report Texas litigation.

Digital recording bypasses the tested and certified professional for inexpensive and unskilled workers to create a transcript of questionable value for the sake of higher profits.  The practice of digital recording is not permitted within our membership.  Any member proven to be practicing or actively promoting digital recording or other methods that are alternatives to the certified shorthand reporter will be removed from TEXDRA’s rolls.  Applications from persons or firms practicing or actively promoting digital recording or other alternatives will not be accepted.

TEXDRA proudly represents both Texas freelance court reporters and court reporting firms. Digital recording proponents conflict with TEXDRA’s mission, and, therefore, do not meet the minimum standards required for membership.

Join us.  Support us with both your membership and your donation.  Help us protect your career and the future of freelance court reporting in Texas.  Remember, as we prepare for the 2021 Legislative Session, TEXDRA continues to fight for you!

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TEXDRA and PROJECT STENO are partnering up for a LIVE WEBINAR on October 3rd!  You can download information here and/or register here.  Attendees will receive 4 hours of CE credit (NCRA is already approved, Texas approval is pending).  TEXDRA is very proud to support PROJECT STENO and is committed to donating back any proceeds received so they can continue their great work of supporting stenographic court reporting students.  

If you're not already a TEXDRA member, please click here to join now.  TEXDRA needs you so we may continue our important work on behalf of Texas freelancers.  TEXDRA is working for you!

Thank you for your support, and please stay safe and healthy.  Below, you can download some helpful tips on remote solutions for reporters and attorneys.

Remote Tips for Reporters

Remote Tips for Attorneys


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