"There are uses to adversity, and they don't reveal themselves until tested... difficulty can tap unexpected strengths."  Justice Sonia Sotomayor

As our proud state recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and we watch and worry about our friends and colleagues in Florida, now seems like the perfect time to introduce a new member benefit, TEXDRA Connects.  It's a great way for our members to communicate and commiserate.  Every TEXDRA member has the choice to opt in and participate, and we hope you will take advantage of and enjoy this new networking tool.  

To all of our Florida friends, we are here for you.  Please stay safe.


Many of us have been devastated by the flooding in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. TEXDRA has established a committee to facilitate aid to our fellow reporters in need, regardless of affiliation or practice. This assistance will be "behind the scenes," and you may remain anonymous if you wish. We are not asking for money but will gratefully accept gift cards. If you have any equipment that you can spare to help, please email us; you can download a donations checklist here. If you have suffered a loss and need help, please email us; download a recipient checklist here.  

TCRA has set up a GoFundMe to assist reporters in need - please click here to donate now. Let's all work together to help our colleagues affected by this terrible disaster.

Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

Text UWFlood to 41444 to donate to the United Way Flood Relief effort.

Fill out the Red Cross volunteer form here to assist with local relief efforts.

Tips on Next Steps if You've Been Affected in the Disaster:  Download Here

Click here for an article with more resources.

Please continue to keep all of those affected in your thoughts and prayers, and reach out to TEXDRA by emailing if there is anything we can do for you or if you have more ideas on how we can help.


TEXDRA'S Membership Drive is currently under way!  Sign up or renew now for membership through August 31, 2018!  Our efforts to represent the freelance court reporting community in Texas are gathering steam, and there's no association better positioned to represent YOUR interests and strive for advancement on issues unique to freelance court reporters and court reporting firms in Texas.  We are developing new member benefits, plans to address the reporter shortage, and forming our strategy for the next phase of our drive to level the playing field in Texas; 2019 is the next legislative year, and we will be well prepared!   


What can TEXDRA do for you?  Let us hear from you - click here.


On Thursday, July 27, Alvin Community College's Board of Regents met to decide the fate of ACC's renowned court reporting program.  TEXDRA's president spoke at that meeting in an attempt to present a business scenario to the board that would convince them to keep the program open by increasing enrollment and graduation rates.  The proposal we put forth was that they consider incorporating voice training alongside the present stenographic training, giving current and prospective students more options and increasing revenues by attracting more students to the program.  Unfortunately, the suggestion was not enough to convince them, and they have voted to close the program down, using a "teach-out" time frame of two years.  Our profession is losing yet another school, which is bad enough, but to lose one of Alvin's standing in the court reporting community nationwide is disastrous.  It is time for new ideas and new strategies; our profession's continued existence depends on it!  It is time to define ourselves and our profession by our TALENTS, not by the tools we use.  We are a crucial and integral part of the judicial system and we cannot fail.  Let's put our heads together, roll up our sleeves, and get to work!  We are 100% committed to addressing this critical issue.  Please continue to watch this site and our Facebook group for updates.


TEXDRA is an association for Texas Certified Shorthand Reporters and Court Reporting Firms founded on the core principles of integrity, transparency, advocacy and teamwork.  We pledge to serve our profession with honesty and hard work, and we will work closely with other associations whenever possible to recruit, train and mentor students, lobby in Austin on important issues and challenges that face us all, improve relations between us and the people we serve, and educate the judiciary and the public about the vital role we hold as impartial guardians of the record.  If you're not already a member, please visit our Join Us page to join now.

TEXDRA's Mission:  To represent the professional and business interests of Texas freelance Certified Shorthand Reporters and Court Reporting Firms through advocacy, education, communication and transparency, while promoting the advantage of working with trained professionals who capture the spoken word in judicial proceedings and provide services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and to foster better awareness of their value to the judicial system and the public.

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